Younger Generation Theatre Group is a registered charity and we constantly trying to find new ways to fund raise.


One of the fundamental sources is through individuals who value the work that we do and are keen to get involved in raising funds for us. Younger Generation encourages parents and children to help to raise thousands of pounds that are needed to keep YG afloat and with the help from the committee, Waitrose  and Sainsbury's we do raise some; but as always this is never enough and we are constantly looking for new ideas and volunteers to help.

Can you help Fundraise? Do you have an idea? please let us know below.

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Other ways to get involved

Helping at rehearsals
Rehearsals are held every Sunday afternoon at St Marks Chruch until the show.
There are many 'jobs' that need to be completed before the show but one of the most important one is 'making the tea!' If you can volunteer just one sunday sfternoon to do this the team will 'love you forever'.

Making Costumes
YG pride themselves on their costumes and Diane has an endless task of making costumes for the show these seem to get more and more extravagant as the years go on, but help is always required and even if you are not Vivienne Westwood sewing buttons, pop studs and badges onto costumes is always helpful for Diane.

As with Costumes parts of our scenery are also made by volunteers too. if you are able to give up a couple hours on the occasional Saturday to help that would be very much appreciated too. You don't have to be fantastic at art but if you can hold a paintbrush and attempt to paint a straight line (don't worry this is not compulsary) please come and join us.

Becoming a matron is a very satisfying part of YG, you are there for the most important and exciting part of the year. You will need a DBS and a Matron’s License but YG will help acquire all of these items, if you enjoy the roll you are allowed to use this license to Matron other groups too.
The show is always the most important part of our year but it cannot happen if we do not have matrons, Each dressing room needs 1 or 2 matrons and when you have 100 cast members and 4 shows you can imagine this needs many volunteers. 

This one is for the dads but mums have been known to help too....
If you would like to help with any of the above please fill in the form below -
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