Notes for all Audition Applicants

Please complete the application form

When completing the application form please remember:

Select an audition date
Indicate if you are interested in dancing or singing a solo
The form has to be signed by your parent as well as yourself.

All members of the cast, including dancers are expected to sing, non- dancers must be able to carry out basic movement to music. All cast will be included in a basic dance routine. Please remember to wear suitable clothes and shoes for dancing at the audition.

At the audition everyone will be asked to sing in a group. Those who wish to try for a solo can bring their own music. You will be taught a short dance routine and for dialogue we ask you to read a small piece from the dialogue that we will send you, dialogue in our shows is very limited.

We do not audition for solo dancing, if you wish to be included in a tap or ballet item please remember to bring your shoes.

Solo singers will be allocated their numbers by the Musical Director, Director and Producer.

All cast members are classed as “The Cast”, whatever your abilities. All parts are shared evenly within the cast.

At the audition we will take your photo and video you performing; this is for the production team to allocate parts.

A non-refundable audition fee of £5.00 will be charged on arrival to your audition.

If you have been introduced to YG by a friend (non-family member) please let us know.

A subscription fee of £150 (£120 Subscription + £20 refundable costume deposit) this can be paid for in convenient monthly instalments, please contact us for more information.

Auditions are held at St Marks Church Hall, Church Road, Purley 27th March 2022 at either 2:00pm or 3:00pm, registration begin 30 minutes prior to each audition

Rehearsals are also at  St Marks Church Hall, which we refer to as YGHQ.

Within rehearsal times you are allowed THREE holiday dates, these cannot be either Sunday 31th July or  Sunday 7th August 2022 these are COMPULSORY dates and all cast MUST attend.

This years show will be performed at the Ashcroft Playhouse, Fairfield Halls, Croydon

If you have any additional question please contact Diane Rexstrew-Berry (Secretary & Producer)

phone - 020 8679 9404