The show would not be able to run without the help of all of these Very Important People

Stage Manager

Keith Barrett

Scenery Making Team

Diane Rexstrew

Michael Berry

Assistant Stage Manager

Gerry Winter

Pit Band

Neil Shrimpton - Conductor/Piano

Simon Conor - Drums

Glyn Evans - Bass

Alex Steer - Guitar

Deputy Stage Manager

Emma Crozier

Box Office
Michael Berry
Stage Crew
Tuck Shop
Follow Spots
Safeguarding/H & S  Officer

Carol Oseman

Radio Mics
First Aiders

Scenery Cloths:

 Patricia Radulescu

Younger Generation

Web Master

Karen Joel

Matron Co-ordinator:

Carole Oseman
Stage Door
Toni Steventon
Costume Supervisor
Assisted by:
Diane Rexstrew
Sheila Dixon
Janet Klein
Toni Steventon

Cast Registrars: