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 I liked it so much on Friday I went to watch show on Saturday. It’s going to be hard to beat the show next year you have your work cut out. 

Jason A

YG has been a wonderful experience for my children, they have really grown in confidence and made so many friends. The show was wonderful, all the children had a fantastic time.

Samantha J

I don't know where to begin. How cast go from practicing once a week to bringing an amazing show like that I will never know . I was very privileged to work backstage with them . They are amazing stars ✨. To see the older ones looking after the younger ones . And the younger ones aspiring to be just like the older ones . I've made new friends and have loved every minute. If I had to chose a favourite number........ I couldn't they were all fantastic.

Roll on next year

Carol O

My eldest joined YG  a few years ago, and has loved every minute of his time. He found a YG poster and nagged me for 2 years to join. So I never had any worry about him. I could see the positive effect it has had on him. I tried to encourage my other 2 sons to join. My eldest was into other things and just didn't have enough time to fit it in. My youngest didn't really have a choice. My youngest didn't really have a choice. But the transformation in his confidence is amazing. From a child who hid in the toilets because he didn't want to come to a YG. He now loves YG and has told me that he wants to keep coming until he is 18 !!! This is testimony to the wonderful people at YG and the magic you weave with our kids every Sunday. Keep up the good work

Rehana W

My daughter joined YG a few years ago and she discovered a bunch of great friends who share the same interest in performing arts and also amazing teachers! Her confidence has grown more and more every year and her performances in the big show are becoming stronger - as a parent I highly recommend this group for your child regardless of their talents!

Patricia R

As a chaperone I got to work with some amazing children, and I was blown away by the high standard of the show, dedication of the choreograph team and the directors and producers were outstanding, it's a great place to meet new friends and we cant wait to be part of it again

Sarah R